a World in a Rain

Installation Design and Robotic Fabrication
Group Work: Minjui Lee
Date: May 2019

a world in a rain In this case, we aim to create a space atmosphere that people feel like in rain but wouldn't get wet. We want to use the liner structure without surface, which lets people will see through the sky when they look upon, and see the raindrop fall fast or slow around.

At the first stage, we try to figure out the relationship between the angle of the nit structure and the landing position of a waterdrop.

Second, design how to combine each unit. decide each rule to ensure the waterdrop will attach or catch by the structure.

Thirdly, use the robotic arm to build. at first, we try to print in pla. but we failed because of lacking time. then we turn to use it to get the position.

[ Unit rule ]

a world in a rain

[ Unit Test Result ]

a world in a rain Different angle (αand β) to the landing position of waterdrop

[ Combination Rule ]

a world in a rain

[ Prototype & Kuka Cooperation ]

a world in a rain a world in a rain