Teammates: Ding Wang
Date: Jan 2021

Music plays an important role in our daily life, especially when we turn on the radio or put on the headphone, we can escape to a purely self-centered world. In this world, our whole bodies desire to dance to the groove of music, so we think what if inversely, our body movement can generate the music. In our project, we wish people to create a music Utopia without the limit of physical instrument, by flicking the air, to integrate the flowing music and our body movements as a whole. At this stage, we basically designed two types of play modes, the rhythm mode and the tuning mode. We use kinect to detect the body motion to trigger different play mode.

flicking01 The First mode is rhythm mode. We preinstall a songs melody, when the right hand waves, like a conductor, the preinstalled song will develops to the next note. And the y position of left hand controls the volume of the sound in the background. So the player is controlling the speed in this mode. He is playing the famous song “ Canon” in D minor for us.

flicking02 The second mode is tuning mode, in this mode, right hand motion will be tracked and presented as the smoky mass. The y position of the right hand is corresponding to the different frequency. The y position of the left hand decides whether the sound will be played. This mode is like a neo instrument. After practice, people will be able to play a song at will.