Light up

Teammates: Teresa Mpages (ETSAM-UPM) Diego De Andres Garcia (ETSAM-UPM)
Date: June 2018

In the night time, Feng chia university is quiet and close, however, the market which is close to campus is extremely busy. The high contrast between market and campus makes us think, how can we active the nightlife on campus, attract the crowds to come into campus to know student life at Fengchia University. Besides city campus, we also need to fix with the old administration building rebuild program.

our strategy is, Tracking objects with motion detectors to control light effects, and combining with small moving objects to create new functions in different places can be a variety of platforms for rest, entertainment, and business. Same strategy will apply on building rebuild program. The building will have an open plan to have flexible space for the light program.

Let the tourists walk in and let the university's "nightlife" come alive.


[ Campus Design ]

+Modular Strategy


+Combination Proposal

Strategy_02 +Prototype Design Strategy_03 Strategy_04 +Prototype Test

+Campus Plan Overview


+Campus AXO and Perspective

AXO_01 AXO_02 AXO_03 AXO_04

[ Administration Building Rebuild ]

Rebuild_01 All the facade and wall will be removed and only keep the structure system of the old building to keep an open plan.

+Facade Design

Rebuild_02 The structure of facade will reflect the light from inside to outside, which implys the activities in this building.


Rebuild_03 Rebuild_04 The plan is changeble which is according to people's activities. Here I just show 2 typical situations.





In this case, I broke the rules and regulations which is always asked by tutors when I as a typical architecture. I found that there is more thing can change in architecture design. Not only design with the wall and floor according to human's need, but also start with people's activities. This program led me to the interactive space design area.