a sonic shelter for noise, provide us a temporary peace in the busy city.

Date: Jun 2021.       Group Work: with Ding Wang


Paralull is a multi-scale installation that sites itself in environmental noise. The work generates public engagement in the noise issues highlighted by the World Health Organization, by smoothly tempering city noise into the most comparable sound found in nature. According to some research on natural sound exposure and the biophilia hypothesis, this transition can relieve people from the sonic annoyance caused by urban noise, and bring with a higher level of relaxation after noise.

The petal-like umbrella is a portable device for everyone to experience noise purification in every corner of city. To help audience focus on the aural perception, the graphic reaction to sound is designed with interactive patterns of diverse transparency, in consideration of the minimal influence of visual and the most intimate connection to the ambience. As an augment of triggered sounds, the change of shadow and light simulates the imagination of natural elements, such as birds, trees and the ocean. Alternatively, each umbrella can be inserted into a trunk station, sharing a stronger shelter of noise on a public scale. With synergetic visual interaction, the novel installation creates an aspirational soundscape for a better urban future.

[Starting point]

Paralull-startingpointWith the explosive growth of machine, city soundscape is captured by the racket of tireless engines. As an ecotherapy to urban noise, “forest bathing” is a physiological and psychological exercise to cure the anxiety in modern cities.

Paralull-startingpoint“Excessive noise seriously harms human health and interferes with people’s daily activities at school, at work, at home and during leisure time…”         ── WHO

[Sound research]

Paralull-soundresearchStudies show that most artificial sounds cause psychological anxiety, while nature sounds help people recover faster from the annoyance. Also, the biophilia hypothesis suggests that human possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.

[Research question]

Paralull-soundresearchNoise rains everywhere in city. Our project aims to seek a shelter for the downpour of unwanted sounds. The form of Paralull metaphorize an umbrella for noise.

[Emotional transition]

Paralull-soundresearchA lasting noise will accumulate our tension, and cause the increase of anxiety. Unexpected nature sounds contribute to higher level of relaxation and make us reevaluate the impact of noise.

[Soundscape Strategy]

Paralull-soundscape strategy

[Design process]


[Audio experiment]

     +Audio matching

Paralull-timelineParalull will detect and analysis the ambience noise, and match to the most similar natrual sound, finally released

     +Audio morphing

Paralull-timelineWe analysis the spectrum of two sound and then mix together through incremental bandpass filter.

[Audio-visual synaesthesia experiment]


Reseach shows different colors have different effects on human's auditory perception and emotion. Generally, warm color makes people feel more noisy, but cold color can calm people.

Paralull-color1 Paralull-color1 Paralull-color1

sound reach to the threshold morphing the sound release the natural sound

     +Key prototype 01

However, the feedback is not satisfied One thing is the shiny lights are too attractive which didn't improve audience's auditory perception. Another thing is this method limits our installation into darkness.

     +Abstract movement

Thus, we try another method. We try to represent the abstract movement of sound sources to build the association between visual and audio elements

    +Key prototype 02

[Final production]

     +Audio transition


     +Different sclae


     +Design thesis film

Paralull, a shelter for noise, provide us a temporary peace in the busy city.

Perhaps, one day...

We could walk in the city without any sonic shelter, without any thing to "para" a "lull"...