Hejun Zhang

Architect / Visual designer / Photographer

I was an architecture student, but now I explore more than architecture.

How the "space" interacts with "us" is what I am concerned about, so I am doing research on interactive design for an immersive experience in my master program. The context is not limited to typical architecture space but includes installation, new media art, virtual space etc. Therefore, I learned drawing, 3D modelling, video editing, and coding.

I always believe that design should be based on human's needs and senses.


University College London
London, UK
Design for Performance and Interaction [ MArch ]
Sep 2020 ~ Dec 2021
Feng chia University
Taiwan, China
Architectural Design [ BA ]
Sep 2015 ~ June 2020
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Melbourne, Aus
Architectural Design Exchange Program
June 2018 ~ Dec 2018


3D Software
Rhino, Cinema4D, Revit, Zbrush, Sketchup, Lumion, Enscape
2D Software
Adobe Suits[Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere], AutoCAD
TouchDesigner, Grasshopper, html, JavaScript, C++
Potrait photography, Landscape photography


Atelier FCJZ, Shanghai
Sept 2018- Feb 2019
+ Responsible for the landscape design and modification of Liangzhu Campus of China Academy of Fine Arts.
Senior year
+ Modeled with Rhino, Sketchup and Zbrush, PS render, draw diagram and scheme presentation PDF with Indesign.
+ PS render, draw diagram and scheme presentation PDF with Indesign

Su Mao Bin Architects, Taiwan
July 2017- Aug 2017
+ CAD drawing of taichung Mausoleum base.
Sophomore year
+ Physical modelling of Taichung Dali National Sports Center


Student Union
FCU Architecture Department
Minister, Publicity Department
2017 - 2019
Workshop, DigitalFuture2019.
Tongji University, Shanghai
Urban Planning & Robotic Fabrication
Aug 2019
Workshop, Cross-Strait Urban Design
South China University of Technology, Guangzhou
Urban Planning
Nov 2017
Workshop, People's Steel Structure
Steel Structure Fabrication
June 2016
Summer School
Technische Universität Wien, Austria
Academic vist
June 2017


Robotic Fabrication International Competition for Undergraduate Student
1st Prize, DigitalFuiture2019, Tongji University